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Our services start as soon as we receive your order. Our well-trained staff starts with a real effort to find the best candidates for you by searching in the following ways:

1. Updated database.
2. Advertising in local newspapers and on our website
3. Contact with a number of governmental and non-governmental organizations.
4. Direct search.

All selected CVs are organized and scheduled and then sent out for your attention to see by courier or email within a very short time according to your request.

We expect to have your opinion on the selected candidates for the testis interview according to the “time you see fit”.

We will make all necessary arrangements for your representatives while conducting interviews at our office in Amman. Offices equipped with professional secretarial staff, internet service, telephone, fax and other necessary equipment to receive your delegates for personal interviews and to provide facilities for interviewing in our offices.

Then we work on following up the work visa with the Saudi Consulate for the selected candidates until they travel to your party.