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SBC is a member of international implementation consultant’s society of LOGO, and implements ERP solutions using the best practices in different industries. SBC uses the Logo Method for System Implementation (LMSI) to implement and localize ERP solutions in accordance with cultural business requirements in Jordan & the Middle East. The steps in this methodologies are:

  1. Receive customer requirement list (RFP).
  2. Provide answers for the RFP according to current capabilities.
  3. Sign Contract.
  4. Observe and study the As-Is situation of the customer.
  5. Define Software Requirements and prepare Software Requirement Specification (SRS) Document.
  6. Define software parameters and design processes based on the SRS document.
  7. Document all the designs in the Software. -Design Document (SDD).
  8. Prepare GAP analysis document.
  9. Go Live.
  10. Go Live Support.
  11. Project Closure.
  12. Sign support contract.