For every project, SBC will sign a SLA with its customers and provide them with the support needed to run their business smoothly.

 Service Level Agreement (SLA)

SLA agreement is generally made between service provider and customer. All the services in the scope of information and communication technology are included in the SLA. Having SLAs at different levels, SBC enables its customers to use support services efficiently.

There are five levels of SLAs in SBC:

Some of the available services are:

 On Call Support

For customers that are working out of official working hours or for those who are working on 24/7 basis, there is an option to receive support services via our on-call service.  This is included in our Gold SLA level only.

  Periodic Visit

In order to monitor the status of software usage on the customer site, and prevent possible issues, periodic visits are scheduled.

 Ticketing System

One of the key indexes in support is the response time and coverage. Using the ticketing system, our customers can record and monitor all their support requests electronically.

 Call Center 

Our call center here in SBC welcomes all the support requests, and all the requests are monitored in our ticketing system for the record.

  On Call Support

For on-site support, it is possible to deliver on-site services in addition to off-site support. Some part of these services are offered in the SLA free of charge.

 Report Design

End users of all SBC software solutions can create new reports independently. In addition, customers can order their desired reports to our support team in order to speed up the design process. A predefined quantity of free reports are included in different levels of SLA.